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Disbursement Receipts

What Do We Provide Receipts for?

Receipts are provided for all successful disbursement transactions and contain bank reference numbers for credentials that may be provided to your customers, or used for your internal audit.

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Receipts for Direct Disbursement

Direct disbursement receipts can be found in your dashboard. The receipts will be automatically available when the transaction is successful.

Downloading Direct Disbursement Receipts from Dashboard

Direct Disbursement receipts can be downloaded from your dashboard and sent to your customers for each transaction. To obtain the receipt:

  1. Go to your Cash Account

  2. Click on the completed direct disbursement transaction

  3. Scroll down to find the receipt

  4. Click on the download icon alt text and your receipt will automatically be downloaded

  5. You can then send the downloaded file to your customer

Below is an example of a downloaded receipt:

alt text

Receipts for Batch Disbursement

For Batch Disbursements, the receipts will automatically be sent to your recipients’ email given in the uploaded batch disbursement file, once the transaction is successful. Xendit provides up to 3 email for the recipients, so that merchants can also cc and bcc themselves to receive the email.

You can also download the batch disbursement receipts from the Xendit dashboard, for all disbursements which statuses are "Completed". Users with view access can export receipts of all completed batch disbursement transactions from the “Batch Disbursement Details” page on the Xendit Dashboard.

You can either export receipts of the entire batch or select specific transactions within the batch, and filter based on the search bar. The options are available when you click on Export Receipt. alt text

Here is how a receipt of batch disbursement looks like from the recipient's’ point of view:

alt text
alt text

Batch Disbursement Receipt Configuration

If merchants choose to input the email of recipients in the Batch Disbursement template file, Xendit will automatically send a batch disbursement receipt to the email using your business email. The sender of the email and the message in the footer are customizable.

To customize the sender email and footer message, please go to the Xendit Dashboard > Settings > Configurations > Batch Disbursement to find this page:

alt text

Anything configured there will show up in the Batch Disbursement Receipt.