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Disbursement is used to send money out from your balance. Using disbursement, we provide you a way to send money to all 140+ Indonesian banks across Indonesia with any amount, at any time (including weekend and holiday, as long as the bank is up.)

Disbursement performs real time money transfers across Indonesia using automated API and/or CSV upload. Our disbursement relies on a top up system - we will hold the money securely and send it only under your consent as requested.

Some use cases of our disbursement: alt text

Benefits of Disbursement

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Direct Disbursement vs. Batch Disbursement

Xendit provides two ways for disbursement: Direct Disbursement and Batch Disbursement.

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Direct disbursement is used to transfer money out from your cash account to one destination using API, whereas Batch Disbursement is used to transfer money out to multiple destinations by simply uploading CSV file.