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Top Up

Whitelist Prefix Generator

July 2018

We have released a generated Whitelist Prefix to be used in BCA Top Up. With this generated whitelist, we are improving the automated detection system for your top up, which will make the process much faster.

From 2nd of July onwards, we will provide the whitelist prefix generator on the dashboard. You can find it in your Xendit dashboard on Settings > General.

After 9th of July you will be required to use the new whitelist prefix that you've generated, from which the old whitelist prefix will expire.

Whitelist Prefix only needs to be set once, then you can include it in your description when you transfer funds to us for automatic detection of Top Up.

We encourage you to do this step and be aware of this when you do the top up to BCA. Please let us know if you require more information or steps for this process.

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