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Fixed Payment Codes

August 2018

We've received positive feedback from many of you regarding how convenient it is to receive cash payments via Alfamart. Currently, payment via Alfamart works by creating one of our Invoices and generating a payment code that is provided to the Alfamart cashier. This means that these payment codes must be tied to individual invoices.

To improve our product further, we're working on a feature where you can configure Fixed Payment Codes, which will enable you to provide fixed payment codes to your end customers to make payment at Alfamart. These codes need not be tied to a particular invoice, and can be tied to a particular end customer, which means that this customer can also make recurring payments using the same payment code!

We're happy to report that this feature will be out by early August. We'll give you more detailed updates once it's ready, so stay tuned!"

Customisable Fixed Payment Codes

August 2018

To our dear Alfamart users - we heard your feedback on payment codes for Alfamart. Prior to this release, you were only able to create an Alfamart payment code by creating an invoice, and the payment code would be generated randomly. Now, you're able to create customizable Alfamart payment codes and assign them specifically to each of your end-users. E.g. XEN001 to Alfina, XEN002 to Bella, XEN003 to Citra, etc. Each of these payment codes can be used multiple times and are not tied to any specific invoice. Read more to understand how this works exactly. Thanks for your feedback! We’re delighted to continue to improve our products for your use-case!