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Direct Disbursements

Query Direct Disbursements by External ID

March 2018

Last month, we added a search feature in the Xendit Dashboard Disbursements Tab, enabling you to see the status of Direct Disbursement transactions. Now you can get the status of disbursements by external ID, using API! Using the new endpoint, you can get all the disbursement transactions with the same external id.

You are also able to check the status of the transaction anytime. With this, you can ensure whether the transaction was actually created and know the current status. If the transaction wasn’t actually created, you would receive an error code that says the disbursement does not exist. Learn more about the request in our API Reference.

We hope this makes it easier and faster for you to get the latest information on your disbursements.

New Error Codes for Direct Disbursements

March 2018

We are happy to share that we’ve fine-tuned our error codes for Direct Disbursements via API to be clearer and more actionable! You will now receive one of 8 error codes when a Direct Disbursement transaction fails. See the complete list of the error code in our Dashboard Docs, along with retry recommendations for each code.

These changes were implemented on March 22nd. You may need to update your system to accommodate the new error codes, and build in our retry recommendation into your system for greater disbursement success! However, please take note of the recommended retry time frames in our Dashboard Docs - premature retries are likely to result in multiple repeated failures and further delays. For more information, you may check out our API Reference and Knowledge Base .

Disbursements to Virtual Accounts

July 2018

Previously, disbursements could only be made to actual bank accounts, but with our latest build, Virtual Accounts (VAs) are now accepted as a destination for disbursements! VAs from BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Permata, BTN, and NOBU Bank, are supported for disbursements using Direct Disbursements API or Batch Disbursements. Try testing out the disbursement to VAs and tell us what you think!

Bank Codes for Disbursements to e-Wallets

August 2018

Following our Disbursements release for e-wallets, we have now made bank codes for e-wallets available. You can now enter GOPAY, OVO, and MANDIRI_ECASH in the bank code field for both Direct Disbursements API and Batch Disbursements. The new template for Batch Disbursements can be directly downloaded from the Xendit Dashboard, so make sure that you’re using the latest file. Check out our Knowledge Base for more information or try it now!