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Activating Fixed Virtual Account Range

January 2018

Previously, you needed to contact us to get your Fixed Virtual Account range. As much as we love you reaching out to us, we love automation more. Setting up and activating a Fixed Virtual Account range can now be done in your Dashboard! Just go to your Dashboard > Settings > Configuration > Fixed Virtual Accounts, and click on the Activate button. Voila! The range will be set and activated immediately! This is especially useful if you want to add additional bank connections for your Fixed Virtual Accounts, no changes are made to your existing Fixed Virtual Accounts.

This feature has also been applied to Development Mode. If you have tested our Fixed Virtual Accounts in Development Mode before, you will get a new range. However, your old range in Development Mode will still be active.

Disbursements Tab

January 2018

You can see all disbursements transactions done through API, including its details. Filters are based on statuses (Pending, Completed, Failed) and creation date. If you click on one transaction, you can see more complete details, and also the transaction proof. You can also search for a specific transaction in the search bar by entering the external ID, account number, or account name. For complete information, you may check our Knowledge Base. Your Disbursements Tab will look like this:

alt text

Virtual Accounts Tab

January 2018

Our new Virtual Accounts tab has also been improved with more complete search features. You can now look up more information for the transaction with the filter, date range, and search bar. In the search bar you can look up specific transactions by entering the VA number, payment ID, or external ID. More information can be found in our Knowledge Base. Here’s what the Virtual Accounts Tab looks like now:

alt text

Exporting Disbursement and Fixed Virtual Account Transaction Report

February 2018

Last month, we added Disbursement and Fixed Virtual Account Tabs to the Xendit Dashboard, to make it easier to find specific kinds of transactions. It just keeps getting better! Now you can export a transaction report, directly from the Disbursement and Fixed Virtual Account Tabs! This means you no longer have to go to the Cash Tab and apply unnecessary filters to get a CSV of this data.

In each tab, you can still filter by transaction status and date if you want to target certain transactions, then simply click on the Export CSV button to receive an automated email with the report attached.

alt text

Search Bar in Invoices Tab

March 2018

We strive to bring improvements to your dashboard regularly. This month, we added a Search bar in the Invoices Tab!

This means you can now search transactions based on the external ID of the invoice, Invoice ID, and even payer email! You can learn more about the parameters in our API Reference

You can also export a transaction report in this tab. For those of you that are only using Non Fixed Virtual Accounts linked to Invoices, this will ease the pain of filtering for invoice transactions in Cash Tab.

Whitelist Prefix Generator

July 2018

We have released a generated Whitelist Prefix to be used in BCA Top Up. With this generated whitelist, we are improving the automated detection system for your top up, which will make the process much faster.

From 2nd of July onwards, we will provide the whitelist prefix generator on the dashboard. You can find it in your Xendit dashboard on Settings > General.

After 9th of July you will be required to use the new whitelist prefix that you've generated, from which the old whitelist prefix will expire.

Whitelist Prefix only needs to be set once, then you can include it in your description when you transfer funds to us for automatic detection of Top Up.

We encourage you to do this step and be aware of this when you do the top up to BCA. Please let us know if you require more information or steps for this process.

Password Security

November 2018

We will be releasing an update to increase the password security of Xendit Dashboard accounts. Starting from 5 November 2018 (Monday), we will introduce the following changes to your Xendit Dashboard accounts:

  1. Passwords for all Xendit Dashboard accounts will expire every 90 days
  2. When changing a Dashboard account password, new passwords cannot be the same as the last 4 passwords used.

This applies also when users have forgotten their passwords, or are manually changing their passwords before they expire.

With this update, the security of your Dashboard accounts will be increased, lowering the risk of unauthorized access to your transactions. As we grow together with you, we recognize the need to better protect the funds which we process and are always looking at ways that we can improve this.