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Receiving Payments

Xendit makes accepting payments seamless and easy with XenPayments! Integrate with Xendit for access to any of our payment channels - enable all of them, or only what is most relevant to your business model. Every incoming payment is detected automatically, and you will receive callbacks in real time for every payment received.

With XenPayments and XenInvoice, see an immediate increase in payment completion, by allowing your customers to pay you in the way that suits them. Decrease the burden on your customer support team with automated payment detection & invoice matching.

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All funds are deposited into your Xendit Dashboard account, where you can withdraw funds whenever you like, at no cost nor limitation. Instantly withdraw to any Indonesian bank, at any time. The Xendit Dashboard is detailed and user-friendly, allowing you to monitor and manage transactions productively.

Payment Channels (How to accept money) Payment Methods (How your customers can pay you)
Virtual Accounts
  • Fixed Virtual Account
  • Non-Fixed Virtual Account
  • Bank Transfers
  • ATM
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Credit Card Credit Card

    Our system pings you with an automatic notification every time a payment is made, eliminating the need for your customers to confirm every payment manually. With XenPayments, you can integrate with Xendit via API, live URL, or web/mobile checkout.