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XenInvoice - Xendit Invoices

Invoice Introduction

One integration and you will get access to all payment channels!

Xendit Invoices are one of our core products that is useful to boost your payment and sales by providing seamless payment experience to your customers for one time payments, subscriptions, or something in between. Xendit Invoices automatically detect payments instantly and can be paid from any banks.

We provide Xendit Invoices for free and you can create it anytime using both Xendit Dashboard and the invoice API. Xendit Invoices UI can be used directly, can be used as a checkout page for eCommerce businesses, or can be integrated with your own payment UI. If you choose to use our UI, this is how an invoice will look like from the end customer’s point of view:

alt text

The invoices can be opened from both web and mobile-web, support multi language and it will show all of your available payment methods and instructions for the end customers, giving them convenient, flexibility and a positive impact for your sales.

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