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Features and limitation


Features Description
Multiple payment channels Customisable channels. (Cards, Banks VA, retail, e-wallet)
Automatic Notification Callback URL to your business, email to end customers
Free and Customisable UI No building, we create it for you and it’s customizable: Business logo, business name, description, language, color, font, and payment channels
Adjustable Expiration date You can set different expiration date per your invoice. The control is in your hand
Live Report in Xendit dashboard Dashboard to do reconciliation.
Updated payment instructions We always provide latest “how to pay” instructions for your end customer. We will always keep it simple for you to receive payments
Currency Estimator Xendit can only process payments in Rupiah, but we can help to show the estimation of other currency for your customer
With or without API integration Invoice creation via dashboard or automated creation via API


Xendit invoice can receive and detect payments from all Indonesian banks, international cards, retail outlets and e-wallet. Simple and easy integration with our invoice system will enable your business to receive payment from all those channels.

alt text

You can access payment channel faster by using our fragment link in Xendit UI.
You just need to put # and the identifier code such as: OVO, MANDIRI, PERMATA, BNI, BRI, BCA, CREDIT_CARD, ALFAMART so that: will open BRI payment channel instructions.


Before you create an invoice, please make sure you didn’t exceed the invoice limitation:

Condition Limitation
Maximum amount per invoice IDR
Minimum amount per invoice IDR 10.000
Maximum amount for Retail Outlet IDR 5.000.000

If you create invoice more than IDR 5.000.000, Retail Outlet will be disabled for that specific invoice