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Create invoice via dashboard

Creating invoices using Xendit Dashboard is very simple. Every Xendit Invoices created will be on the dashboard with it's status and details. First, go to the dashboard invoice tab where you can find a “+ Create invoice” button there. When you click it, it will open a pop-up where you can fill:

Parameter What to fill
External ID Unique code for you to reconcile. e.g.:
  • 1293
  • TPR0004
Email Email of your customer (the one you want to bill). You can choose whether Xendit send email to your customer or not
Invoice due time Click on calendar icon to choose the date and then inside calendar, click clock icon to set the time
Amount Invoice total amount in Rupiah
Description Short description for your end customer to read. (e.g. Payment for apartment electricity bill unit #0521G)

After you filled all the forms and created an invoice, you will also get the link for your invoice. If you choose “Send invoice to this email”, Xendit will automatically send an email to your customer. You can also copy the link and send it directly to your customer. The end customer can pay the invoice by choosing the payment options and following the given payment instructions.