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What are eWallets?

eWallets, also known as digital wallets, are online prepaid accounts used to store money and transact online and offline through a computer or smartphone. Some eWallets also allow users to add funds to their account through non-fiat currency (e.g. rewards points, etc.).

Supported eWallets

Xendit currently supports the OVO eWallet for invoices. This means that customers who use our invoice product will be able to list OVO as a payment method, and receive payments via OVO cash or points!

How it works

  1. When activated customers create a XenInvoice, OVO will be listed as a possible payment method

    alt text

  2. If OVO is chosen by the end customer as their payment method, the end customer will be asked to enter their OVO ID (e.g. the phone number tied to their OVO account)

    alt text

  3. Entering the OVO ID will trigger a push notification for the end customer to verify the payment from their smartphone. Once the push notification is sent to the end customer's OVO app, they will have 30 seconds to respond and verify the transaction.

    alt text

  4. If the end customer approves the transaction from their smartphone and there is sufficient cash or points in the customer’s OVO account, the transaction will successfully process

    alt text

Activating OVO

To activate OVO, please speak with your Xendit Account Manager, who will collect the required information for onboarding. Account activation may take up to 5 working days.


  1. Can I use my own invoice generation tool and collect OVO payments via api?

    At this time, OVO can only be used in conjunction with the XenInvoice product. If you would like to accept OVO payments via api, please let your Account Manager know and we will work on adding this to the product roadmap.

  2. Are there invoice amount limits for OVO payments?

    XenInvoice has a limit of Rp 999.999.999, but the maximum amount that can be received in a single OVO payment is Rp 10 mio.

  3. Can my customers pay via cash, points, or a combination of both?

    Customers will be able to select whether they would like to pay via OVO cash or points or even split the payment with cash and points.

  4. What happens if my customer has insufficient balance in their OVO account?

    If the end customer does not have sufficient balance, when the end customer generates a push notification to their phone, the OVO system will detect insufficient balance. In order for the transaction to proceed, the end customer will need to top-up their OVO balance before making the invoice payment.