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Settlement is when the money of the transaction is actually made available in your Xendit account for withdrawal into a bank account.

  • Settlement process starts daily at 3PM Indonesia time.
  • Settlement for transactions that are made after 2PM will be processed the next day.
  • If you are using our Merchant ID (MID) the settlement process takes 7 days by default, but if you are using your own MID the settlement generally between 10AM-2PM next day depending on the bank.

This is an overall flow when a batch of charges are sent to the issuing bank for settlement. alt text


  1. At what time is your daily transactions cutoff time?

    Settlement cutoff time is 2PM WIB

  2. How long is the settlement time to our bank account?

    • Aggregator >> 7 days negotiable based on MDR%

    • Facilitator >> Generally T+1 before 2PM. Settlement generally between 10AM-2PM next day depending on bank.