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If Xendit does not appear in your checkout page, please check that:

  • You are using WordPress, WooCoommerce, and PHP versions that we support
  • Minimum amount of payable invoice is set to more than IDR 11000
  • Make sure that the price of your product is more than the minimum amount you have set

If your problems persist, please do the following steps:

  1. Install plugin from the wordpress admin dashboard
  2. Click Duplicator
  3. Clik Create new package
  4. Download archieve and the installer
  5. Send to via email to for us to conduct faster investigation


  1. How can my customer update their card?

    The WooCommerce Subscriptions guide for a user to update their payment method can be found here.

  2. Is there a way I can manually retry a failed payment after a decline?

    Yes, you can do this from the WooCommerce Dashboard, as mentioned here.

  3. Is there a way for my users to retry a subscription payment after a decline?

    Yes, WooCommerce has a guide for your users to do this on your website.

  4. What is the best place for me to check my payment detail on Xendit?

    You can check it at your Invoice tab in Xendit dashboard with external ID orderid_#order id in WooCommerce and Credit Cards in Xendit Dashboard with external id wc_orderid_#order id in WooCommerce.