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Shopify Settings on Xendit

What's Available on Settings?

alt text Limitation on Shopify never stops Xendit to innovate for you to have a delightful experience in using Xendit as your payment gateway. You can find this setting section in Xendit Dasboard > Settings > Configuration or simply click this link. These are features that available on Xendit to smoothen your order process:

  1. Your Shopify Credentials

    You can simply block the text or click copy button to copy your shopify credentials so you can have integrate your Xendit account easily to Shopify

    alt text

  2. Email invoices to your customer.

    There are three conditions where we will send email to your end customer, they are:

    1. Invoice Creeated: When your customer finish the checkout process (inputting shipping and payment information), Xendit will automatically create invoice for your customer and send the summary to your customer
    2. Paid Invoice: When the payment is verified from Xendit, Xendit will send paid invoice email to your customer, so the information will be fast and transparent.
    3. Expired Invoice: We will send an expired invoice notification email when your customer did not finish the payment process and the invoice has been issued for more than 1 day (default expire time)

    alt text

  3. Change order flow

    Order flows that we provide are Abandoned Cart and Pending Payment Order.

    1. Abandoned Cart enable you to not see unpaid checkout from your end customer.
    2. Pending Payment Order enable you to see unpaid checkout as an order, so you will know which customer who did not pay the order and you also can optimise your pre-sales activity

    alt text