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How to Integrate with Xendit Payments on Magento

Integration type

There are two types of integrations that available for you to use Xendit as your payment gateway, there are: 1. Download and unzip Xendit Payments extension manually 2. Get Xendit extension from Magento Marketplace via composer

Download and Unzip Xendit Payments Extension Manually

Please follow these steps to integrate with Xendit: 1. Download and unzip extension source code 2. Copy the inner Xendit folder into your MAGENTO_DIR/app/code directory on your store's webserver. You may not have the code folder by default, you can proceed to create it manually. 3. Go to your MAGENTO_DIR, run these commands: 1. php bin/magento module:status. You should see Xendit_M2Invoice on list of disabled modules. 2. php bin/magento module:enable Xendit_M2Invoice 3. php bin/magento setup:upgrade 4. Run php bin/magento module:status again to ensure Xendit_M2Invoice is enabled already. 5. You should flush Magento cache by using php bin/magento cache:flush 6. Compile Magento with newly added module by using php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Get Xendit Extension from Magento Marketplace Via Composer

Please follow these steps to integrate with Xendit via Composer: 1. Go to your MAGENTO_DIR, execute composer require xendit/m2invoice:1.0.0 2. Enter your authentication keys. Public key is your Magento marketplace's username, your private key is your password. 3. Wait until Composer finished updating the dependencies.

Magento Payment Settings

Please follow these steps to use Xendit as your payment on Magento M2

  • You can see Xendit's setting page by navigating to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Method alt text
    • Open your Xendit Dashboard in new tab and go to Settings, and then API Key or you can open this link in new tab: alt text
    • Copy Xendit Public Key on Xendit Dashboard to your Magento Payment Method Settings
    • Copy Xendit Secret Key on Xendit Dashboard to your Magento Payment Method Settings
    • Click save
  • Once you save the settings above and enable Xendit on the setting page, you should see Xendit's payment methods (credit card and bank transfer) on payment section during checkout flow. Like screenshot below: alt text