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Java Library

What Is Java Library?

Java Library that provided from Xendit is a way for your developer (probably you!) to integrate your java application with Xendit!

Java Library allow you to create Fixed VA and collecting online payment from your customer

You can use java library to integrate with Xendit, in order to enable accepting payments through Virtual Accounts.

How to Integrate Xendit with Java Library

To integrate with us through Java Library, this are the best steps to do it:

  1. Register your account here
  2. If you are using maven dependencies, add this dependency to your java web app
  3. If you are using gradle, please add this:
    compile 'com.xendit:xendit-java-lib:1.0.0'
  4. Copy your secret API key from here or you can go to Xendit Dashboard > Settings > Security > Secret API Key section
    1. Please use your test API key if you have not done your KYC process and it is good for you if you just want to test the Fixed VA creation
  5. Put your secret API key in Xendit.apiKey, like this:
    Xendit.apiKey = "xnd_development_...";
  6. Import the xendit library, like this:
    import com.xendit.Xendit;
    import com.xendit.exception.XenditException;
    import com.xendit.model.AvailableBank;
    import com.xendit.model.VirtualAccount;

Java Library Feature

You can refer these pages below to:

  1. Create and get Fixed VA

  2. Disbursement (Coming soon July 10)