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Our dashboard provides you a centralized platform to manage your Xendit account. Your account will be divided into two environments: one for testing (development environment) and one for live transactions (production environment). Any changes made in the development environment will not impact the production environment, and vice versa. These two environments are designed to function almost identically, with exception that requests made in the development environment will not result in execution of real transactions in the banking network.

When you first login to your dashboard, you will automatically be directed to the development environment where you can view your total balance, and amounts held in the escrow account, cash account and tax account. You will be given a total balance of IDR in development mode to allow testing. In order to access the production/live mode, you will need to make a request to XenSupport to activate your account.

Once you have switched to live mode, you will be able to execute real transactions through API requests. When you first start in production mode, you will see a cash balance of IDR 0, until a top up is made. The features visible on your dashboard will depend on which Xendit product you are using - to access additional products, please contact XenSupport. On the bottom right corner of your browser, there is a pop-up chat which automatically connects you to XenSupport. We aim to provide a seamless customer experience and have a dedicated support team readily accessible to help.