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What is Xendit?

Xendit is a payment gateway that makes payments for all kinds of businesses in Indonesia painless. We allow our customers to receive and send money with simple integrations. Each and every transaction can be easily reconciled and recorded with automated detection of funds with instant notification.

What are Xendit’s products?

Supporting Money In and Money Out, here are our core products:

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Xendit allows businesses to accept payments via Virtual Accounts and Credit Card. Xendit also provides Disbursement module where businesses can send any amount of money to any bank in Indonesia via API or by simply uploading a CSV. Being the first payment technology company in Indonesia with automatic recognition technology, our mission is to deliver automated payment infrastructure solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Why Use Xendit?

Without Xendit With Xendit
Accept Payments Multiple bank accounts and integrations required to meet your customers’ need
  • Integrate once with Xendit and accept payments from all banks in Indonesia that we support
  • Accept credit card payments around the world
  • Improve your company’s user experience easily
  • Manual matching: time consuming for humans and error prone Automated and instant payment detection
    Have to negotiate with each bank Just talk to us - we have pre-negotiated arrangements so you don’t have to
    Send Money Painful fees to different banks One low fee for all banks
    Bank limitation of sending money out Unlimited transfers to instantly send money to any bank in Indonesia via API or CSV
    Token usage = time consuming, painful and giving someone unlimited,access to your funds Easy authorization flow,no bank tokens and increasing security for your payments
    Manually create batch payments and authorize them one by one Name validation for batch disbursement
  • Hard to track when payment bounces and vulnerable to error of unknown recipients
  • If one fails, the whole batch fails
  • Batch is more likely succeed and made aware of the failed ones
    Payment Confirmation Wait for your customers to confirm their payments Automatic and real time payment detection and matching to invoices
    Security/Risk Vulnerable as you have to trust employees with keys to the safe and more susceptible to user fraud Safer from employee fraud and reliable, world class fraud detection for payments

    Overview of Xendit Products

    Invoices & Payments (Money In)

    • Virtual Accounts at major banks (we support virtual accounts from Mandiri, BNI, and BRI)
    • Accept payments from Credit Cards from around the globe
    • Instant and automated notifications
    • Callbacks provided; your platform knows when invoices are paid - per account or per transaction

    Disbursements (Money Out)

    • Send money instantly to 140+ banks in Indonesia
    • Make automated transfer with our API or upload a CSV through our user-friendly interface
    • Same low fee to transfer to all banks

    Xendit Fee

    Xendit is pay-as-you-go, we only charge fee per successful transaction. Unlike other payment gateways, we do not charge service fee, membership fee, maintenance fee, or even withdrawal fee.

    Here are the only fees we charge per successful transaction:

    • Money-In (Bank Transfers) : IDR 4,500
    • Money-In (Credit Card) : 2.9% + IDR 2,000
    • Money-In (Retail Outlet) : IDR 5,000
    • Money-Out (Disbursement) : IDR 5,000

    We provide 30 days for free and discounted rates at high volumes!

    Case Studies: Who Are Our Customers?


    We specialise in fintech. P2P Lending Companies in particular find Xendit helpful. Relying on us to provide crucial features in sending money to many different bank accounts of their borrowers.

    P2P Lenders can also utilize our dedicated Fixed Virtual Accounts with their Company Name, so that their borrowers can make loan repayments into the same account every time. Notifications are given every time the account is paid.

    alt text

    eCommerce and Marketplace

    Xendit simplifies your checkout user experience by providing multiple payment methods and integrations. We utilize world class fraud detection to ensure safety and security. Accept payments from your customer from any bank worldwide and detect funds automatically.

    alt text

    All kinds of Businesses

    Xendit helps businesses innovate and modernize in a fast-changing world of technology development. From traditional businesses in modernizing invoices, to startups in lowering operational costs in sending out payrolls.

    alt text

    Game Publishers

    Xendit allows Game Developers to simplify accepting payments from their users to top up coins and game resources. Xendit detects payments automatically to enhance the user experience of the gaming world.


    Xendit helps platforms to manage end to end user experience. With Money in and Money Out, Platforms can utilize the features to accept payments and send funds to end users and merchants. Xendit enhances platforms to build payment proceedings in accordance with their own touch.

    Booking Services

    Xendit integrates with booking services to uplift the simplicity of accepting payments on checkout page in reservations. We hold the same mission of making payments easy.