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Virtual Accounts

Improved Flow for Virtual Accounts Creation

February 2018

We have a newly improved flow for Virtual Accounts creation! We’re always looking to improve how information is provided to our customers, and with this new flow, it’s much easier to know whether a virtual account has been successfully created or not. When creating or updating a virtual account, you used to use X-use callback to check the status of the virtual account. For all new accounts, the API response will always be PENDING, and a callback will be sent with ACTIVE as soon as the VA is created.

This new flow is set for Xendit accounts whose API is activated after February 20th, 2018. For Xendit users whose account has gone live before that date, you don’t need to worry! You can choose to use the new flow by setting the X-USE-CALLBACK header to “true” in the header of your post request.

The following flowchart is the process flow in our system:

alt text

This way, you can instantly know the status of the Virtual Account. Read more about how Xendit virtual account works in our Knowledge Base.

Permissible Virtual Account Names

April 2018

As a part of our effort in reducing fraud and to improve your Xendit experience, we’ve implemented a blacklist against the use of certain names in Virtual Accounts. This is to prevent malicious users from creating accounts that may mislead customers into believing they are paying an official government, bank, or other major service. We request for your cooperation to educate any third party users to avoid using such names.

If you create an account which contains a blocked word or phrase (e.g., "Bank of Indonesia", "Mandiri", "POLRI", "TNI" etc.), our system will now block the creation of the Virtual Account and return a name blacklisted error. You should retry the Virtual Account creation with an alternative name. Note that depending on your current handling of the API response this may require developer action on your end before this feature is released on 14th May. For technical error code notes see the Virtual Account API Reference.