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Biaya Xendit

Xendit Fee in Cash Account for Direct Billing

January 2018

For our customers who chose to have Direct Deduction Billing, we have moved all Xendit fees to your Cash Tab. We are still implementing a new filter in the Cash Tab - so keep an eye out for the feature, coming soon.

Xendit Fee Monthly Billing in the Xendit Dashboard

February 2018

Tracking Xendit Invoices is now much easier with our new update. There’s a monthly email reminder that will notify you regarding any unsettled fees. There is a new display titled Outstanding Fees Amount for you to see if there are any unpaid fees that you need to pay, it’s located just below the Billing Balances, you can’t miss it!.

In addition, we recently added a Billing view (under Dashboard -> Settings -> Billing]), where you can see your Xendit Fees for each product, view & download Invoices. On this page, you can move funds from the Cash Balance to the Billing Balance (or vice versa) by clicking on the “Transfer Balance” button. This allows you to pay off any outstanding invoices quickly using the Billing Balance. Check out what the Billing Tab looks like now:

alt text

We have also added a new payment feature called “automatic monthly deduction”. On the 1st of every month, we can deduct unpaid fees automatically from your Cash Balance, so you will not need to transfer any additional funds to your balance to cover the fees. This option is available if you are using indirect billing. If you are interested, you can contact your Xendit Account Manager to enable this!

We are always open to input on how to pay your fees easier, so let us know if you have any suggestions!

Xendit Fee as a PKP

March 2018

We are happy to announce that Xendit is now registered as a taxable enterprise (PKP). This means we are now required to charge 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) on all fees. This means that you won’t need to pay the VAT separately, since Xendit now pays the fee directly to the Indonesian Tax Office. In other words, we are not increasing our fees, we only want to take care of your tax payment directly to us.

For example: If your VA fees are 4.900, your new fees will be 4.900 + 10% (i.e. Rp 490) = Rp 5.390

Please note, invoices from the March billing period onwards will include both Faktur Pajak and VAT. If you have any questions about your fee and the VAT, feel free to contact our finance department at:

Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation Letter (Nomor Pengukuhan) on Invoice Billing & Fee Details

April 2018

As we have previously announced, Xendit is now registered as a PKP Company. With that in mind, Xendit will now include the the charging of VAT for all fees. On the monthly Xendit Billing Invoice we will specify the transaction details, you will now also see all fees and the taxes charged.

In the details, you will also see the Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation Letter (Nomor Pengukuhan) from the Indonesian Tax Office, which can be used as a reference in case you need more information.