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Kartu Kredit

Cards Refund Callback

January 2018

Our credit card refund API has been updated to improve processing times and reliability! The new flow uses a callback with the status of the refund, after it has been processed. The callback URL for the refund can be set on Dashboard > Credit cards > Credit card refund callback URLs.

Previously, refund requests only returned as SUCCESS or FAILED, but we now first return a PENDING status, followed by a callback with the final status (SUCCESS or FAILED).

This new flow has been automatically activated for all refund requests. However, please check your dashboard to ensure everything is set up correctly to receive callbacks, and don’t forget to update your code if necessary.

Charge API Response

January 2018

We have provided bank_reconciliation_id in our API Response for credit card charge transactions. We understand that it is crucial for our customers who use their own MID. So we now provide the bank_reconciliation_id for data reconciliation for both the acquiring bank and Xendit’s bank. You can get the bank_reconciliation_id via API - all the information you need on ‘how to’ can be found in our API Reference.

Tokenization Response

January 2018

Tokenization now includes the credit card’s masked card number in the response, under “masked_card_number”. The masked card number is useful for launching an investigation, confirming details, etc., so with this feature, you won’t need to request this data from the end user. It’s much more secure :) Learn more about tokenization response in our API Reference.

Xendit.js Library Improvement

January 2018

We’ve made some improvements to the Xendit.js library, where we retry requests twice if they fail. We’ve also added a new error response called CONNECTION_ERROR, which will surface in the event of a connection issue between the end-user and Xendit’s server. We hope these changes will help you to identify issues faster, providing a better experience for your end users.

Refund on Xendit Dashboard

April 2018

In case you missed it, we’ve made a refund button in our Credit Card Tab in the Xendit Dashboard! Now you can refund a Credit Card transaction by going to the transaction details, and click the refund button on the top right of the dashboard as seen below.

alt text

Kindly note that only users with Admin and Approver access can do the refund. You will also need to input your PIN before proceesing the refund.

If you have any feedback for us, please tell us because we care for our customers and we will gladly improve our service just for you!

Kindly note that only users with Admin and Approver access can do the refund. You will also need to input your PIN before processing the refund. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback as we value your opinion!

Authorization Reversal

Juni 2018

Otorisasi adalah proses untuk mengkonfirmasi dengan bank bahwa sebuah kartu bisa menggunakan untuk pembayaran, berdasarkan sejarah transaksi dari pemilik kartu. Di tahap ini, dana masih ditahan sementara oleh bank, namun belum sampai bank penerima.

Otorisasi adalah langkah yang bagus untuk memvalidasikan apakah kartu yang dimasukkan oleh pelanggan anda masih aktif. Dengan pembaruan ini, jika setelah otorisasi anda ingin membatalkan transaksi sebelum charging, anda bisa langsung melakukan reversal dengan menggunakan API kami.

Hal ini menguntungkan untuk anda dan pemilik kartu karena dana yang ditahan bisa langsung dikembalikan ke pemilik kartu tanpa harus melalui Refund, dimana akan ada waktu tenggang untuk di proses.

alt text

Zero Authorization

Juni 2018

Otorisasi memerlukan anda untuk memasukkan nominal yang akan ditahan sementara dari akun pemegang kartu, untuk memastikan bahwa kartunya valid. Nilai tersebut sebelumnya adalah IDR 5000, dan kami telah membuat setting yang memperbolehkan anda untuk menggunakan nilai IDR 0.

Jika anda menggunakan nominal 0 untuk proses otorisasi, maka pemilik kartu akan melihatnya di tagihan kartunya, namun hal ini tergantung pada bank masing-masing.