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Pengiriman Dana Kolektif

Customisable Message for Batch Disbursement Fund Transfer Receipts

January 2018

If you choose to send a fund transfer receipt to your beneficiaries in Batch Disbursement, you can now customise the message and contact email! This information will appear in the footer of the receipt sent to your end user. You can set it in your Dashboard > Settings > Configuration > Batch Disbursement.

Batch Disbursement in Development Mode

February 2018

Previously, our customers had to test Xendit’s Batch Disbursement product directly in Live Mode. We don’t want a repeat of the SpaceX Falcon crash, so we are keen on running a few tests in development mode first! For new users or our customers who would like to try out the flow of Batch Disbursement, you can now simulate a Batch Disbursement in Development Mode. This might help you internally to change your processes seamlessly as you transition from manual payments in your own accounts, to sending multiple disbursements at once through Xendit!

We provide simulations to test out a few different scenarios, so check out our Xendit Documentation for more information. You can also set up Callback URLs if you would like to be notified by our API when a batch has been successfully processed. You can also customize the message and footer in the transaction receipt that is sent to the beneficiaries’ email, even in Development Mode!

Check out our Knowledge Base to find out How to Make a Batch Disbursement and start testing now!

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Fix Issues After File Upload

April 2018

A new update in Xendit’s Batch Disbursement has been released. Previously, batch disbursement transactions can only follow the information from the uploaded file, and if issues in validation are found, changes had to be made by re-uploading the file. Now, fixing issues in validation can be done directly from the Xendit Dashboard! Issues can be fixed or deleted line by line and submitted directly to be approved.

See Transaction Issues

alt text

Issues found will be shown with its explanation, fixing the issues can easily be done line by line. All transactions with issues are marked in red to be easily spotted. Account name issues will be shown in blue mark, if you click on edit, the expected name will be shown. Account name issues can be edited or ignored.

Here are the list of failures for the issues and its explanations:

Field Possible Failures Failure Code
Not finite or not number INVALID_AMOUNT_ERROR
Below minimum limit(Equals to zero) MINIMUM_AMOUNT_ERROR
Account name Mismatch Will show expected name
Email Invalid email(s) INVALID_EMAIL_ERROR

To fix the issues, press pen logo and it will show the details of the issues. Basic rules of issues:

  • All required fields must be filled (amount, bank code, name, description, and bank account number)
  • Name submitted should match with the validation result. If it doesn’t match, expected name will be shown and an exact name needs to be inputted in order to proceed the transaction.
  • Bank code should be according to the list provided. (The list is also available in the file template)

Please do not refresh page before the fixing is done, or all changes will not be saved. You can refresh page later once all changes have been submitted.

Delete Transactions

alt text

Transactions that should not be proceeded can be deleted. Please note that all deleted transaction cannot be recovered. To delete the transaction, press trash logo in the transaction and confirm by pressing Delete button.

Revalidate issues

Once changes have been made, re-validation needs to be done by pressing refresh logo in each of the transactions with previous issues, it will revalidate the transactions. Alternatively, re-validation can be done all at once after all the issues are fixed by pressing Validate All button. If all changes are correct, icon for the transaction status will change from red exclamation mark to green checklist.

Submit changes

alt text

Changes can only be submitted if all details in the transaction are correct. Press Submit button once all transactions have green checklist icon. Once changes have been submitted, the page will be redirected to the Need Approval page. Transactions will be proceeded after it is approved.

Disbursements to Virtual Accounts

Previously, disbursements could only be made to actual bank accounts, but with our latest build, Virtual Accounts (VAs) are now accepted as a destination for disbursements! VAs from BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Permata, BTN, and NOBU Bank, are supported for disbursements using Direct Disbursements API or Batch Disbursements. Try testing out the disbursement to VAs and tell us what you think!